Lafuquke Ancient Town

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The Lafuquke Ancient Town is 65 kilometers east of Hami City. It's a townsite of the Han and Tang Dynasties. It's 614.2 meters above sea level. In 1957, it was ranked as the historical and cultural sites under government protection of the Uigur Autonomous Region.

The Ancient Town is on a certain scale. It's divided into the south city and the east city. The plane surface of the city takes on the shape of a Chinese character "吕".  Because the Alamo River flows between the two cities, the ancient has been damaged.  A lot of residences and orchards have been built inside the town. Most of original buildings are destroyed.  The patches of pottery found inside or outside the Ancient Town are mainly Jiashahong and Grey pottery. They are fired for a long time with a high temperature. These potteries are mainly engraved with the patterns of lace reticles and additionally overlapping lines. Pottery can be in the forms of pot, urn and so on. Judging from the structure characteristic of the pottery, they have a lot of the same or approximately the same points with the earthenware unearthed from the Beiting Ancient Town in Jimusa'er County. 

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