Mausoleum of Kumul Uygur Kings

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Mausoleum of Kumul Uygur Kings is also called the Tomb of Huiwang. The mausoleum is located in Shazaojin, the west suburb of Hami City. The buildings of the mausoleum cover an area of 1.3 hectares.  There is a wall around the mausoleum. The buildings are divided into three parts: The first part is the tomb of Shuida (namely the tomb of Huiwang). Huiwang Ⅶ and his wives, and Mohammed-Huiwang VIII, his queen and his royalty were buried here. The number of these persons buried here was 40. The tomb is a typical Islamic architecture, which was famous in Xinjiang. The upper part of the tomb is square and the lower part of the tomb is round. It's 17.8 meters high. Its building area is 1,500 square meters. It's majestic and stately. It's simple but elegant. The second part is five small wooden arches in the form of Pavilion. They arrange in a row from east to west. They are the tombs of Huwangs of the earliest dynasties.  Only two tombs are in a good state of preservation now. The third part is the Aitika Cult Temple. The temple is 60 meters long from east to west, and 36 meters wide from south to north. It covers an area of 2,280 square meters. It can hold 5000 people to make a chapel. There are 108 large engraved wooden supports that hold up the roof of the temple. The walls are decorated with floral designs and the Alcoran in Arabic script.  It's the largest mosque in Hami Prefecture.

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