Tianshan Scenic Area

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The Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Tianshan is located in the north face of the East Tianshan,stretch from the Algidity Ditch in the east to the Pine Pond in the west, and from the Tianshan Temple in the south to Mingsha Mountain in the south. The total area is 120 square kilometers. It's about 70 kilometers away from Hami City. People can get here through the provincial highway- the Beixin Road on the Silk Road. The transportation and communication here are very convenient. There are lofty mountain and glacier, immense forest, boundless prairie full of vitality, and bald Mingsha Mountain without any grass and tree (it stands at the head of four major Mingsha mountains of China).

The main scenic spots in the Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Tianshan are as follow: the White Stone Holiday Village, the Summer of Tianshan Holliday Village, Mingsha Mountain, the Ski Resort of Pine Pond, etc. In here, people can enjoy the scenery of four seasons within a day and the scenery is entirely different in different places.

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