Tomb of Gaisi

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The Tomb of Gaisi is also called "Tomb of Saint" or " Green Tomb". It's 758 meters above sea level. It was said the Prophet of the Muslims-Mohammed sent his three disciples-Gaisi, Wuwaisi and Wangasi to china to perform missionary work at the invitation of Lishimin who was an emperor of China in the Tang Dynasty. Wangasi died of illness in Guangzhou. Gaisi and Wuwaisi arrived at Chang'an. They were warmly received by Lishimin. On their way to reture their homeland, Wuwaisi died of illness in Huihui Town of the Hexi region. Gaisi died in the Star Gorge in the 9th year of the Zhenguan time of the Tang Dynasty (A.D.635). He was buried hastily and roughly. Later, Huiwang of Hami sent someone to build a tomb for him in the Star Gorge.  

 The tomb of Gaisi is oriented south and north. It's in the structure of wood and earth and in the form of pavilion. It’s about 10 meters high. The lower part is in the shape of square and the upper part is in the form of vault. The top lays out green glazed tiles. There are eaves of the veranda around. It is a mixture of the styles of Han Nationality and Uigur nationality. The tomb isn't on a large scale, but it's famous for burying a "Saint". A lot of Muslims, who can't go to Mecca to make a pilgrimage, come here to pilgrimage.  The silk banners offered by pilgrims are hung on the wall inside the tomb and covered tier upon tier on the tomb of "Saint".  

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