Kumul Travel Guide

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Kumul Overview

(Kumul)Hami Prefecture is the east gate of Xinjiang Province.  The prefecture covers an area of 153,000 square kilometers in total, taking up 9 percent of the total area of Xinjinag. Hami has a population of 510,000 people. It has jurisdiction over Hami City, Kazakhstan Autonomous County of Balikun and Yiwu County. There are 38 towns under its control.

Hami Prefecture has a first-class port-the Milord Temple Port, which is one of the important open ports where Xinjiang and Mongolia trade. The total population of the prefecture is 530,000, including 37 nationalities. The Uigur nationality is the most numerous. The ethnic minorities are about 32 percent of the total population. The urban population accounts for 50 percent of the total population.

Area Code:0902

Postal Code: 839000

The Telephone for Tourist Complaint in Hami: 0902-2251985