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Kumul Food

Last updated by wuyang at 2017/6/19

Cake and Boiled Mutton: Cakes and Boiled Mutton emphasizes the original flavors of the ingredients and the use of oil, although the food is not greasy. Firstly, cook put stewed mutton in the pan when the water there was gently bubbling. The cakes coated with oil are as large as the pan but thinner than paper. The cakes are laid on meat in the pan. You can taste a distinct flavor.

Xinjiang Roast Whole Lamb is made of choice material and with distinct workmanship. Roast Whole Lamb is famous both in home and abroad and become an indispensable dish in local high level banquet. Generally speaking, Roast Whole Lamb is laid on special dining car in formal dinner. Red sick is tied on the neck of lamb and green vegetable are put in its mouth.

Kumul Featured Food:

Grabbing Rice

Grabbing Rice is called “Polo” in Uighur. Because people often eat it by hand, it’s commonly called “Grabbing Rice”. The Grabbing Rice is one of the favorite traditional foods of the Uygur nationality in Hami, Its basic materials are rice, mutton, carrot, onion and edible vegetable oil, etc.  The Grabbing Rice is oily and shiny. It tastes delicious with full-bodied aroma and rich nutrition. Mutton, beef or chicken is often used as the meat used in making the Grabbing Rice. The chicken of snow cock or pheasant can also be used to make the Graabbing Rice, and the nutritive value is higher.    

Stewed Mutton Cake

The cake is soft but not sticky. It’s greasy but doesn’t make people turn their stomachs. It’s thin but not broken. Pour genuine soup made from the meat of camel’s hump on the cake. It seems a quite different food with unique local flavor.

Hand Grabbing Mutton

Because of religious customs of some ethnic minorities such as Uygur, Kazak, etc. and special high and cold geographical environment of Xinjiang, beef and mutton are the staple food of the ethnic minorities of Hami. The mutton is delicious. The method of cooking is unique. Therefore, the Hand Grabbing Mutton is the first-selected food to entertain honored guests for some ethnic minorities such as Uygur, Kazak, etc.

Roast Whole Lamb

An important dish of the Uigur nationality is Xinjiang’s Broil Whole Sheep. It can compare with Beijing’s Roast Duck. Xinjiang’s Broil Whole Sheep extremely pay attention to selecting material. It’s cooked in a particular way.  Xinjiang’s Roast Whole Lamb enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. It is an indispensable dish in the local high-class feast.