Tianshan Grand Canyon

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Tianshan Grand Canyon is a mysterious canyon to explore, which has a depth of 5.5 kilometers. Located at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains and 64 kilometers north of Kuqa County, Tianshan Grand Canyon’s natural wonders were formed by the natural erosions over the red rocks. It is made up of huge reddish-brown mountain group.


Discover the mysterious canyon.

The canyon is located 1,600 meters above sea level. The highest point is 2048 meters. The oddly-shaped rocks, craggy pinnacles, rugged cliffs and deep ravines are the various special features of the canyon. The canyon is also known as red cliff. When you sun is shining on the mountains, you will see bunches of burning fires. When standing at the bottom of the canyon, you will have the feeling that the steep cliffs will fall down to you at any time, so you may feel dizzy.

Visitors to Tianshan Canyon are usually scared by the weird sounds and fogs. Sounds like walking or knocking can often be heard at the bottom of the canyon. Some ball-shaped fogs can often be spotted rising to the top of the cliffs. Scientists are still not sure about the mystery, so why not take a chance to the canyon and see it by yourself.

Experience the Thousand Buddha Caves.

At the bottom of the canyon, there are the historical ruins of Thousand Buddha Caves, which was built during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The 300 Buddha caves are rare ones discovered in the area. Three magnificent mountains are featured in the area, namely Naitou Mountain, Liren Moutain and Fomian Mountain. During sunrise and sunset, the mountains are reflected by the sunlight. You will see the wide range of flaming mountains.

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