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Yao Ethnic Village

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At present, there are three existing Yao Ethnic Culture Villages: Meng Village (8 kilometers away from the county center), Shiba Jia Village (28 kilometers away from the county center), Guzhan Village (14 kilometers away from the county center). All the ethnic villages are located at the food of the high altitude mountains and along the county roads. Tourists could enjoy the unique dwellings, Yao costumes, language, primitive and simple life style, colorful festivals and celebrations, dances and special wedding custom.


Meng Ethnic Culture Village

It is located at the foot of Luohan Mountain, about eight kilometers away from Jinxiu County. The Grade II road (from Jinxiu County to Liuzhou City) passes the village. At the back of the village, there is a cloud-kissing mountain, Luohan Mountain. A clear glassy mountain spring lies at the side of the village. The water tastes fresh and luscious. There are lots of thousand-year old trees surrounding the village. The whole village is covered by a luxuriant forest. Every family uses the bamboo gullies to lead the water into their home for cooking. The houses are all tidy, bright and clean. In the village there are Yao Ethnic Dancing and Singing Performance Teams, who give performances when tourists come. First they welcome the tourists at the gate of the village as beating gongs, sounding drums, blowing suona horn, singing lanlu Song (the song means standing in the way) and offering tea and drink. Then they would sing Depriving Monster Songs, Xiangli Songs and dance Fishing Dance, Yellow Mud Drum Dance, and Butterfly Dance. What’s more, they would invite the tourist to dance the Yao group dance, Sanyuan Dance, when the performance peak is coming. After the party, they would like to invite the guests to enjoy dinner together. The Yao people are hospitable and warm-hearted. The people sitting at the up seat would firstly offer three cups to the guests and then drink cross-cupped wine with the guests until both are drunk. In the ethnic culture restaurant, you could enjoy self-made sticky rice wine, self-made bamboo rice, self-made konjack, bamboo mouse, and acid meat…which lead you to endless aftertastes, and forget to go back.

Yao Ethnic Village\

The Yao People

Guzhan Yao Ethnic Culture Village

Guzhan Yao Ethnic Culture Village is built during the ruling period of Xiangfeng Emperor in Qing Dynasty. It is located between Jinxiu County (18 kilometers distance) and Shengtang Mountain Fenlunsheng District (40 kilometers distance). Telephones in the village are equipped with IDD, so it’s really convenient to live in the village. The village is surrounded by a group of green mountains, tranquil and peaceful. In the village you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also appreciate a group of stunt performances such as Climbing Swords Mountain, Getting the Fire Sea, Swallowing Chopsticks, Standing on Plowshare, Crossing Bamboo Section Fire, Biting Bowls and Somersault. You could also join the Yao Ethnic Culture activities including Lifting Bride, Robbing Bride, and Bamboo Lantern Dance etc. Of course, BBQ and tasting the cuisine of Yao style is one of the most impressive things.

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There are 150 kilometers from Liuzhou to Jinxiu. The ticket for the bus from Liuzhou to Jinxiu is 20 yuan RMB, and the whole journey costs 3.5 hours. You could also take the direct bus at the Langdong Station, Nanning, to Jinxiu. The ticket is 70 yuan RMB.  

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