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Laibin Travel Guide

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Laibin Overview

Laibin City is located in the central part of Guangxi Autonomous Region, which is called Guizhong. With 2.45 million people, the whole city occupies 11,340 square kilometers. Laibin City govern four counties, one city and one district, including Xingbin District, Heshan City, Xincheng County, Wuxuan County, Xiangzhou County, Jinxiu Nationality Autonomous County. In Laibin City there are more than ten nationalities such as Zhuang, Han, and Yao etc. The population mainly consists of Zhuang Nationality People. The ethnic group takes account 74.6%. Every ethnic group live together harmoniously.


Laibin City

Laibin City

Laibin has rich tourism resources: the Mos Tusi Yashu (Government Office in feudal China), the Imperial Palace of Zhuang Nationality, which is the biggest and the best preserved existing Tusi building group in Asia; Xiangzhou Flower Pool Hot Spring, the Number One Hot Spring in central south China, which is a good place for leisure and vocation; the five-kilometers Wuxuan Baiya Canyon is an ideal place for exploring; with Shengtang Mountain, Lotus Mountain, Dayao Mountain, the National Forest Garden, National Natural Preserved Area, is an exceptional place for summer, where it is cool in summer and warm in winter; there are various local festivals for different local nationalities, such as Zhuang’s San Yuesan (the 3rd March), Yao’s King Pan Festival; Laibin is also a home for astonishing stones, among which Red River Astonishing Stones, Grass Flowers Stones are famous in and abroad for their various shapes and high quality. So it is said that the astonishing stones in Laibin are the finest under heaven.

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