Huashan Moutain National Forest Park

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 Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The whole park has a total coverage of forty six square kilometers. There are continuous mountains and weaving dongas in the range and there are ninety six mountains of different scales among which twenty five mountains are with an altitude of more than seven hundred meters. As the highest point in the west part, Xiang Mountain has an altitude of 918.7 meters and is also the mountain with the highest altitude in the Whole Park and Laiwu City. Da Mountain is the highest point in the east and has an altitude of 823 meters. The park enjoys a Warm Temperate Continental Monsoon Climate Zone featured with clearly marked seasons, rain and heat in the same period and clearly marked dry and wet seasons.

The park has three important scenic zones, namely White Dragon Pond Scenic Spot, Big Boat Yard Scenic Spot and Yongninggu Scenic Spot. White Dragon Pond Scenic Spot is famous scenery in Laiwu City and there have been stories about “White and Black Dragon Ponds in Laiwu County with eight treasures”. White Dragon Pond Canyon lies in the North-South direction and on one side of the canyon is straight stone wall set off by pine trees and the other side is relatively flat and broad with woods covered. The White Dragon Pond Canyon is well known for its favorable resting environment and beautiful natural scenery. The three ponds of White Dragon Pond are the central sceneries and the assistant sceneries include Wall Lighting Mountain, Tianqi Sliding Board, Pearl Bunch in the Dragon Ponds, White Dragon Temple, Dragon Watching Kiosk, Bloody Neck Mountain and Youth Woods and so on. Big Boat Yard Scenic Spot is located on the south slope of Da Mountain and there is preserved stone yard wall bending along the mountain lines. As the walls are like a boat, it is named as Big Boat Yard. This area is featured with cragged mountains, deep vales, thick forests with various species like pine tree, cypress tree and sawtooth oak, picturesque scenery and beautiful environment. In addition, there is the setting off of Zhigong Palace Site and ancient and famous trees. Yongninggu Scenic Spot is near the south east of the park and has a relatively flat physiognomy. It has mountains, flat areas, reservoirs, woods and fruit trees inside. Yongninggu (also named as Small Tai Mountain) is the central scenic spot. With its favorable geographical condition and elegant natural environment, it attracted the travel and residence and poem singing of literary men, religion believers and high ranking officials leaving a lot of relics and sites as well as fairy stories. Legend has it that the ancient sites like Big Boat Yard, Zhigong Palace, White Dragon Temple, Black Dragon Temple, Yongninggu and so on have a history of several hundred years and even one thousand years. The grand peak, thick forests, abundant strange shaped stones, mysterious falls, together with all the mountains, waters, woods, springs, falls, canyons and caves, and the combination of natural scenery together with the ancient human scenery, folk legends and fair stories have formed the famous Huang Mountain National Forest Park.

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How to Get There?
Drive there:firstly drive on the Jinghu highway and then on the Tailai highway, get off the highway at the Fanzhen exit and drive on the 244 national highway to the north for about 18 kilometers, turn right at the Dawang village exit to Xiaowang village in the east, and you will arrive at the scenic spot after a kilometer. The whole journey will take you about 30 minutes. The Huashan Moutain National Forest Park being 30 kilometers away from the Laicheng district in Laiwu city, it will take you about 40 minutes to get there by bus. You can get there by buses running from Laicheng district to Huashan Forest Farm or to Dawang village and Big Scholartree.

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Tips: 1、The Huashan Mountain Cultural and Tourist Festival will be held in the park on March 15 every year. Also, the Small Taishan Mountain Temple Festival, Big Boat Temple Festival and White Dragon Lake Temple Festival will be respectively celebrated on March 15, June 6 and June 24 (all on Chinese calendar). 2、Not only can you taste the featured dishes, such as the Huashan Fried Chicken, the Huashan Homebred Chicken Egg, Huashan Locust, Huashan Scorpio and potherbs of all kinds, you can also buy the local products like the Huashan Homebred Chicken Egg. 3、It will take you about 3 hours to tour around the whole scenic spot. The best time for tourist:a whole year

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