Lotus Mountain scenic spot

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 Introduction to the scenic spot


With a scenic area of 17square meters, the Lotus Mountain is divided by the water on the top of the Lotus Mountain to two parts, the north part governed by Laiwu city and the south part by Xintai county. The Lotus Mountain is also called the Palace Moutain because of the Fairy Receiving Palace built by Wu emperor in Han dynasty when he visited the fairy there. For its number of hills and cloughs, the Lotus Mountain got the reputation of the Thirty-six Hills and the Seventy-two Cloughs and its main cloughs include the Xinfu Hill, the Bottomless Cliff, the Chicken Call Hill, the Tianzhu Peak, the Xianglu Hill and the Lotus Peak, which form the shape of a lotus combining with other peaks and hills and thus derived the name Lotus Moutain.

Standing out majestically, the peaks there are full of power and grandeur and as lofty as to reach the sky. Rugged cliffs, crossing gutters, wonder stones, deep caves, high waterfalls and dangerous lakes are seen everywhere, all the scenes shifting when you walk around. What’s more, in the Lotus Mountain scene spot, the ornate natural scenes and historical cultural relics are filled with green trees, luxuriant flowers, and the three featured scenes famous in Lauwu or even in Shandong province—the Setting Sun in the Lotus Mountain, the Hundred-meter high kwan-yin Statue, and the Nanhai Lake on the top of the mountain. Altogether, the Lotus Mountain has more than 120 scenes scattering in three scenic districts, including the Lotus Stem Liked Valley, the Magic Valley, the Heavenly Valley and the Baiyun Hill.


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How to Get There?
It is 15 kilometers away from Laiwu urban district to the south. Tourist bus:there are tourist buses to the scenic spot in Laiwu city every 30 minutes. Drive by yourself:get off the Laitai highway at Caoxikou exit, and take the Bolai highway and at Laichengdong exit get off again, then cross the Wenhe bridge in Laicheng district and continue to the south, you will arrive at the scenic spot after passing the Old Man House. Taxi:it will cost you about 25 yuan to take taxi in the urban district to the scenic spot.

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tips: 1、There are featured dishes like Fried Chicken with chestnut. 2、Visitors can buy local products such as chestnut and walnut. 3、Tourist activities, Kwan-yin festival and Chinese scholartree flower’s festival will be held regularly in the scenic spot. The best time for tourists:a whole year

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