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Qilu Grand Canyon Scenic Spot

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 Introduction to the Scenic Spot

As one of the key scenic spots promoted by the Holiday Administration of Shan Dong Province, the present tourist zone includes the following five scenic spots: Panggan Zoological Tourist Scenic Spot, Wangshimen “Family in the Heaven” Scenic Spot, Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot, and Dulu Woods Plain Scenic Spot. In the range of this tourist zone, the mountains are featured with trenchant incision, precipitous mountain edge, dongas weaved vertically and horizontally, and large scale. There are a lot of canyons with a length of more than ten kilometers in this area and it is the biggest canyon cluster in Shan Dong Province and even East China. The “Two Dragons Playing with a Pearl” View formed by two great canyons, Jiulong and Jiutian is filled with majestic vigor and inside the canyon it is featured with abundant craggy strange shaped stones and stretching and continuous bending streams that rill, acclaimed as the peak of perfection by viewing people. This are is surrounded by green and refreshing mountains with wild flowers all over, birds singing here and there and forest coverage of higher than 90%. Furthermore, the coverage of woods and plains on the top of the mountains has reached ten thousand mu. In the summer, the weather is featured with coolness, fresh air and rich minus oxygenic hydroniums and it is an ideal “Natural Oxygenic Bar”. Wangshimen Folk-custom Village with the honor of “Family in the Heaven” is the village with the highest altitude in Shan Dong Province and is featured with simplicity and unsophisticated folkway.     

Fanggan Zoological Scenic Spot is a national “AA” Scenic Spot featured with picturesque scenery and is well known for its natural zoological scenery and is honored as “Green Paradise” and “Bright Pearl in the Mountainous Area”. Wangshimen “Family in the Heaven” Scenic Spot is located on a high mountain surrounded by mountains and there scenic spots like Jiutian Great Canyon, Huaihua Vale, JIutian Lake, Jiulong Lake and so on. Wangshimen Folk-custom Village, with typical mountain area style in the middle of Shan Dong Provi8nce, is the village with the highest altitude in Shan Dong Province featured with primitive and unsophisticated folkway. As it is wreathed with cloud and mist all year long, it is called “Family in the Heaven”. Black Dragon Pond Scenic Spot is located forty kilometers away in the north west of Laiwu City and is the ingression place of Jiulong Canyon and JIutian Canyon and are equipped with famous scenic spots like Black Dragon Pond and Cliff Standing into the Sky and so on. Deep and in the color of dark blue, the water of Black Dragon Pond is as clear as jade. In spring or autumn, if you stand by the pond at noon and look into the clear sky, you will see a bright star, which is the famous “Star Watching by Black Dragon Pond” Wonder, one of the ancient eight sceneries in Laiwu. Here, you can fully experience the mystery of the creation by the Nature. Dulu Woods Plain Scenic Spot abuts the Great Canyon Tourist Zone and is very near to Jinan, the capital of Shan Dong Province, and is therefore equipped with convenient transportation. Woods Plain on the peak, Ancient Chinese Chestnut Woods and Cloud and Sun Dais are the main scenic spots. “Woods Plain” is located on the peak with an altitude of more than eight hundred meters and has a coverage of almost one thousand mu and the grass is in high quality and delicate, and flowers are in blossom, charming indeed.   

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How to Get There?
Tourist bus: (1)There are two coaches running between the Jinan Long-distance Station and the Qilu Grand Canyon Scenic Spot every day, and the start times at the station are respectively 7:30 in the morning and 12:30 at noon while the start times at the Scenic Spot are 9:30 in the morning and 3:20 in the afternoon. (2)There are two coaches running from Laiwu Station to the Scenic Spot every day, which will take you an hour and cost you 7 yuan, with the start times of 9:20 in the morning and 3:20 in the afternoon; three coaches running from the scenic spot to the station respectively start at 6:10 in the morning, 1:00 at noon and 4:50 in the afternoon.

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More Tips:
Tips: 1 Good service and facilitates are ready for you in the Scenic Spot, with 18 accommodation’s constructions of all kinds. Except Fanggan’s three living areas, the Luming Mountain Villa, the Jintai Moutain and the Fanggan Village, a lot of country lodgings are available in other scenic spots. 2、On July, 26, the Fanggan Tourist Festival will be held each year, as well as the Temple Festival which will last 6 days. Besides, there is the Chinese Scholartree Flower Festival in the Heavenly Village in May, which will last for half a month. In that festival, you can have fun with the natural beauty by watching, smelling, tasting and bathing in the Chinese scholartree flowers. The best time for tourist:a whole year

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