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Xueye Three Gorges Scenic Spot

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

 Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The present scenic spot has an area of eight square kilometers and is composed of by Blue Dragon Gorge, Black Dragon Gorge, Old Dragon Gorge and Sky Green Lake. It has deep gorge and dangerous gullies, clean pond with rapid flowing water and thick well grown forests inside. When you travel by boat among the green mountains and clean waers, you will feel especially relaxed and happy as if you have arrived in the Xanadu.  

Inside the scenic spot, there are high falling falls, rilling streams, spewing clean springs and ponds with blue water, singing birds, flying colorful butterflies, green pine trees and beautiful flowers. There are a lot of scenic spots inside the scenic zone including Golden Chestnut Garden, Blue Dragon Pond, Dragon King Temple, Lover Stone, God of Longevity Stone, Sky Green Lake, Five Dragon Pond and Two Dragons Playing The Ball and so on with wide spread beautiful and touching legends. The weather is warm and wet and the forests are thick and are the natural oxygenic bar. The mountain spring is clean and full of Titanium necessary to human health. There is a variety of potherb and Chinese herbal medicines while the fruit tress mainly include Chinese cherry apple tree, Chinese chestnut tree, apple tree and so on.  In addition, there are countless shape sign stones with all kinds of shapes such as that of people and animals which shows the magic of the nature’s creation.   

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
Get on the coach running between Mingshui and Shangyoy and get off at the Fourteenth gas station, then you’ll arrive at the scenic spot after walking 1.5 kilometers to the west.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
A whole day

More Tips:
Tips: 1、The price for speed boat and yacht is 10 rmb/person. 2、 You can taste the special dishes in the scenic spot, the Laiwu Fried Chicken, the Xueye Fish Head Soup, river shrimps, river crabs, homebred chickens, season potherbs and many other kinds of wild game animals and seafood. 3、Local products like ginger, chestnut, walnut and natural bee honey are ready for you to buy there. 4, In the scenic spot, there are not only bull-fighting performance, but also entertainment constructions like gun carrier (a kind of camion which can shoot with some soft round bullets), sliding board and whirling umbrella. 5、It will take you about two hours to tour around the scenic spot. The best time for tourist:spring and summer

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