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Cilai railway meets Xintai railway in Laiwu city which connects the western area by Jinglu railway and the northern area by Jiaoji railway.

Address:at the north end of Daqiao road.
Consultant number: 0634-6243314
Ticket office number:6211088


With seven national highways and provincial highways crossing Laiwu city, it is convenient to go to other places because it is located in the heart of Shangdong province. It only takes about half and an hours to go to Jinan city. Laiwu long-distance passenger’s station has 187 routes and a daily dispatched number of passenger being 20,000.

(Laiwu long-distance passenger’s station) Address: at the south Shengli road, Laiwu city.
Consultant number:0634-6213941


Shangdong airplanes head ticket office number:0634-6214058
Ticket office number:6214651

Transportation throughout Laiwu city


All the buses in Laiwu are self-service ticketing and the tickets are flat fares with a

uniform price of 1 yuan. Adults with an IC card only have to pay 0.75 yuan for one ticket

while students with it as well as the old people in the period of 60 to 69 years old, only

have to pay 0.5 yuan,. In addition, it is completely free for the old people above 70 years


There are coaches running between Laicheng district and Gangcheng district every 15 minutes,

which will cost you 3.5 yuan and take you about an hour.


There are minibuses and taxis for renting in Laiwu with a uniform takeoff price of 5 yuan

for 3 kilometers. The former one will cost you 1 yuan while the later will cost 1.2 yuan for

each kilometer when the journey is over 3 kilometers. It will take you another 20% of the

total if it is in the period of from 10 o’clock in the midnight to 5 o’clock early in the

morning. In addition, if the journey is above 6 kilometers and if it is not out and back

haul, another 50% of the total for the deadhead charge will also be paid.

Waiting time:  it is free for the period in five 5 minutes. Above that number, it costs you

the price by kilometer for every five minutes. 15% of the total should be additionally paid

if it is rainy or snowy.

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