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The Number One City Under Heaven

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The No. 1 City Under Heaven is situated in the town of An’ping, Xianghe County. It is an archaized architectural complex which imitates the Beijing style of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties and has the essences of the Huaxia culture.

It is separated into 2 parts: the inner city and the outer city, occupying a total area of 1,330,000 square kilometers. The city wall of the outer city is over 5 kilometers according to the shape and scale of Beijing city proper in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and was built in proportion as its original one. There are also 22 city gate towers planned to be constructed, among which Yongding Gate and 10 other gates have been built. 

The No. 1 City Under Heaven consists of 1 center, 5 scenic areas, and 88 scenic spots. It is the largest modern tourist area in China. In all, the destination is a rich compilation of history and reality, classic and modern, the court and the commonfolk, education and entertainment, sense and sensibility. It opened as a business on April 28, 1998, and many visitors from all over the world have visited since.
Beijing as it was in the Ming and Qing Dynasties was the representative of all capitals in China and acknowledged as a famous historical city in the world. Formerly, it was impregnable and frightening and intimidating, although as the years slipped by, it has now changed beyond recognition. However, the No. 1 City Under Heaven site maintains the honor and nobility of ancient Beijing and plans are in order to rebuild 10 city walls to restore its original appearance. It is breathtaking from far away. If you stand on the top of the city wall, looking far into the distance, it looks like a symbol of war and the ghostly noises of war drums may come into your ears. 
The biggest feature here is the emphasis of culture, popular art, and elegant classical art combined organically. There are royal court performances, a folk flower fair, modern singing and dancing performances, and different literary performances matching their relatedly-named theme parks. Solemn, royal “Open the City” ceremonies are held in the square in front of the city every morning. A son of Heaven valiantly leading the "Eight Banners,” court-dressed nobles and chancellors, and beauties in the palace prance out of the city to welcome visitors. Levee is performed in Zhangdaguangming Palace every day, and it is also a great joy to take part in the folk flower fair in the square.
Accessing the No. 1 City Under Heaven site of interest is easy. If you are in Beijing and have a car, drive along the express highway from Beijing to Shenyang and turn off the express highway at the Xianghe exit. Then, drive on the highway from Xiadian to An’ping, and continue about 12 kilometers southwest to reach ancient city.
If setting off from Tianjin, drive along the Jingjintang Express Highway and turn off at the Langfang exit. Then, drive on the highway from Langfng to Xianhe and continue 30 kilometers northeast to reach the park. If you are departing from the Beijing Railway Station, take bus No. 938 on Eastern Street directly to the No.1 City Under Heaven. As well, you can also take a bus from Langfang to Xianghe from the Langfang Bus Station.

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