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Yongqing Acient Battlefield in the Song and Liao Dynasties

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Yongqing County is situated in the north of Sanguan (Yukouguan, Yijinguan and Wuqiaoguan) in the Song Dynasty and it was a frontier between Song Country and Liao County and was an ancient battlefield. The scenic area of Yongqing Ancient Battlefield in the Song and Liao Dynasties is consisted of a micro scenic area of ancient battlefield in the Song and Liao Dynasties, Song City which is a street like the street in the picture of Qingmingshanghetu, the restoration and conservation district of underground ancient path for battles, a vacation district for leisure and preventing sunstroke and a healthy and body-building center.

Some famous archeologists and the specialists on the history of Song Dynasty, Liao and Jing Dynasties, nationality, war and on recreational geography researched the underground great wall-ancient path for battle in Yongqing County. The seminar of investigation on Yongqing underground ancient path for battles was held on December 22nd and 23rd, 1989. The seminar drew the conclusion: Yongqing underground ancient path for battles was built in the Song and Liao Dynasties, and it was a military defense works as the same function as the Great Wall of China. This large-scale underground military defense works filled in a gap in history record. It is an important discovery in the military history of China, reputed as “the underground great wall, a treasure in China”

Hebei Provincial people’s Government named it as “an important monument of Henbei Province”- Frontier Tunnel in the Song and Liao Dynasties. 

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