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Langfang Overview

Brief Introduction:

Langfang is located in the middle part of Hebei Province, with Tianjin on its east, Baoding on its west, Cangzhou on its south, Beijing on its north. It is in the center of Surrounding Bohai Economic Circle, reputed as “a bright pearl in the corridor from Beijing to Tianjin”.

Geographic Features: Langfang is in the interior of Big Beijing Circle which is being planned. It is 40 kilometers from Beijing, 60 kilometers from Tianjin. It is 70 kilometers away from Beijing airport and Tianjin airport, and 100 kilometers away from the new Tianjin port.

Culture Deposits: Yinggu Ancient Music of Family Qu is a unique music in the area. It is of primitive simplicity. Because of its strict system of teaching and learning, this ancient music keeps its purity, reputed as a treasure of the folk music in China; Ancient plank roads built along cliffs in the Song and Liao Dynasties are preserved in good condition in Yongqing County, which are precious physical materials to research the wars between Song Country and Liao Country in the Song Dynasty as well as ancient fortifications.  

District Code: 0316

Post Code: 065000

The population of Langfang is about 3,750,000. The area of Langfang is 6,429 square kilometers, among which the area of city proper plan is 60 square kilometers (Langfang development zone is 15 square kilometers), the built up area is 45 square kilometers (Langfang development zone is 15 square kilometers).

Langfang has jurisdiction over two cities (Sanhe City and Bazhou City), two districts (Anci District and Guangyang District) and Six Counties (Daguang Hui Nationality Autonomous County, Xianghe County, Gu’an County, Yongqing County, Wen’an County and Dacheng County)

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