Five Springs Mountain Park

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The Five Springs Park is located in the Gaolan Mountain region close to the Lanzhou City in Gansu Province. Offering beautiful views and a number of activities for visitors to participate in, it is definitely a very popular tourist destination today.

Things to Do

The Five Springs Park is the largest park in Lanzhou and is spread over an area of 266,400 sq meters. It is located on the Five Springs Mountain and is definitely a place worth visiting with the entire family.

The Five Springs

There are a number of legends surrounding the Five Springs Park but the biggest attractions in the area are the five beautiful springs. The springs have freely flowed and have served the needs of the locals for thousands of years. The park officially opened in 1955. The local authorities also added an amusement park and a zoo for children as well as adults. 

The Peaks

The highest peak in this park is the Middle Peak which reaches the height of 1600 meters. It is also the axis of the park. Mozi Spring, Juyue Spring and Ganlu Spring are located around the area of the Middle Peak. Hui Spring and Meng Spring are situated on each side of this peak.

The Ganlu Spring 

The Ganlu Spring can be seen first once you pass the beautiful Buddhism Tibetan Mani Temple. Ganlu means timely rain or sweet dew. The ancient Chinese officials and emperors asked the agricultural god to bring rain for a good harvest. They offered sacrifices and prayed on an alter over the mountains. It rained and the spring got its name in this way.

Juyue Spring 

Among all the springs in the Five Springs Park, the most magical is Juyue Spring since it has a very unique location. The spring has the shape of a gorgeous well. The word Juyue actually means that the spring that can hold even the moon. It paints a beautiful picture in autumn when visitors can see the beautiful moonlight reflected on the spring.

The Religious Attractions 

The Five Springs Park is famous not just for the springs but also for the many religious attractions in the area such as the Thousand Buddha Temple, Wanyuan Pavilion, Mahavira Hall, Golden Buddha Temple, Butterfly Pavilion and the Wenghang Temple. All of these are located along the passage of the Five Spring Mountain. Stone steps and corridors connect these buildings and add a touch of art to the park.

Buddhism Significance 

The Five Springs Park includes the natural beauty of the majestic mountains and beautiful springs. The verdant groves and the temples make it a great place for all types of visitors. It is a great place to learn more about Buddhism as well as relax and enjoy. Summer is the best time to visit this attraction. 

The Temple Fair 

Those who prefer some action and excitement should visit the Five Springs Park in May when the Temple Fair is regularly organized for celebrating Buddha’s birthday. Other than various interesting Buddhist rituals, this fair also features cultural activities, folk arts, flower exhibitions and much more. The Five Springs Park also features a display of fancy lanterns during the annual Spring Festival that is organized.   

Solo Adventure Tips:


Near Mount Gaolanshan, Lanzhou City 

How to Get There?

Take bus number 8 from Lanzhou City to reach the Five Springs Park

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Opening Hours:


More Tips:

The best time to visit the Five Springs Park is during the summers when the weather is good and the temple fair is also organized during this time.

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