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Beauty Peak

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The Beauty Peak is the third largest peak of the E'mei Mountain Range. With an altitude of 2027 meters, it seems like a beauty being on her back. Hence, it is reputed as "sleeping beauty" by Guo Moruo, a great writer in modern times. The landscapes of the Beauty Peak are noted for the Shawan Stone Forest, which covers an area of about ten square meters. There are exotic and beautiful mountain rocks and exuberant plants in the stone forest. The stone peaks and bamboos are like beasts and gods of varied shapes with motion amid quietness; the stone pottery has stones tangled with vines and between trees. The stones and trees set off against each other. The dissolved grotto passes through the mountain and clear spring and waterfall curve around the stone.

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You may take a taxi or three-wheeled cart there.

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Best time for sightseeing: The two seasons of spring and summer

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