Zhegu Lake

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Zhegu Lake is located in Comai County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet. It covers an area of about 70 square kilometers (7000 hectares). With the average depth of 20 meters, it is about 4620 meters above the sea level. Various kinds of fish live in this lake, and birds gather on the lake. Around the lake are a boundless grassland and continuous snow-topped mountains. All of these beautiful sceneries are reflected on the surface of the lake. So, Zhegu Lake is a good destination for photographers.

The name of Zhegu Lake means bent moon. It is the sacred lake of the religion of Bon. Every year, large groups of Bon believers come to pilgrimage.

As a famous tourist spot, the scenery here, despite that it differs as the season changes, is beautiful all the year round. So, tourists can come whenever they are free.

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