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Ancient Quyang City

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Donghai County has several ancient cities of more than one thousand years, of which the Ancient Quyang City is well preserved. The Quyang County was preliminarily built in the West Han Dynasty, about more than two thousand years ago. The city wall is now about more than five meters both in height and in width. The city has clear outlines and takes on the shape of key as a whole. It is 160 meters on the north and east sides and 260 meters long on the west side; there is a gap on the southeast side. The ancient city is built of loess. The holes and hammering traces, which are left during the construction, still come clearly into view now. It has abundant rainfall and used to be hit by floods. Therefore it can be called miracle that the city can be preserved.

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First get to the urban areas of Lianyungang City, namely, the Xinpu District. Then get to the Donghai County. The trains and buses are very convenient. You may take a train at the Xinpu railway station or a Suxin Kuaike to get there. The alternative way is to take a plane to the Lianyungang Airport and take a taxi to Donghai County for more than ten kilometers. After getting to Donghai County, go to the South Coach Station and take the Donghai-Quyang medium-sized bus to get to Quyang.

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