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Haizhou Bay

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Lianyungang has a coastline of more than 170 kilometers. The curved coastline forms the famous Haizhou Bay. It is scattered with seven islands like seven bright pearls embedded in the vast green waves. The continuous golden beach with thin, even and soft sand form one after another natural seashore bathing places; the modernized deep water excellent harbor emerges in the graceful bay; salt fields are as if blooming with silver flowers…They take on their own peculiar postures with greatly different pleasure of sceneries. You may always admire several sights at the same time, which makes you feel extraordinarily enchanted and delighted.

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After getting to the Ganyu County, go to the Coach Station in the north urban areas and take bus route 2 to get to Haitou Town, and then transfer to small “miandi (minivan-style taxi)” and get there in merely ten minutes for 5 yuan. If you take a self-drive tour, you many drive straight northward along the national highway 204 after reaching the Ganyu County, and then go eastward from Haitou Town for five minutes’ drive.

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