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Liandao Tourist Resort

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The beauty of Liandao Island lies in the center of the sea, which is shrouded with clouds and mists like a fairy mountain floats on the vast green waves. Here green mountains are covered with emerald green vegetation and the green sea has surging waves. It has unique graceful and charming seashore landscapes and is a bright pearl at the seashore of Huang Sea.  

The Liandao scenic area, which blends mountain, sea, forest, stone, beach and human landscapes into one, is an important part of the national-level scenic resort and historic site, Yuntai Mountain scenic area. Owning to special geographical position, Liandao resort has no severe cold in winter and no intense heat in summer. Therefore, the climate is pleasant in four seasons there.

Liandao Seashore Bathing Place is the largest natural high quality seashore bathing place in Jiangsu Province. It has golden beach and green sea with gentle breeze and waves. The period of standard sea water swimming temperature lasts as long as eighty days. It is a summer resort for tourists at home and abroad, and more a superb place to hold a water sports or entertainment. The unfrequented Suma Bay Mountain forest is luxuriant, exuberant, quiet, dark and deep. The marine exotic stones all over the seaside are of all shapes and full of fun. The rows upon rows of residence houses of fishermen’s families that set off against the emerald green mountains and the fishing sailboats on the rippling clear sea surface show the charm of fishing village with unique flavor.

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You may take a Liandao special line bus or a large tourist bus at the Lianyungang Municipal Railway Station and Coach Station to the Liandao seashore bathing place.

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