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Sculptures of the Han Dynasty on the Cliff of the Kongwang Mountain

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All the sculptures are narrowly distributed in the southwest corner of the mountain. They are carved in relief along the slope. The sculptures are scattered on the khaki cliff, which is 17 meters long and 8 meters high. There are more than 100 human figures in all, of which the large ones have the same size as life and small ones are only 10 centimeters high. Some stand, some sit, some jump ad some lie on the back. They have rich images with varied expressions. Through the appraisal of experts, the statue was carved in the year 170 during the late East Han Dynasty, which is 200 years earlier than Duhuang Mogao Cave built in the second year of Jianyuan’ period(336). It is the earliest Buddhist sculpture on the cliff that has been found in China up to now.

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You may take bus route 5 to the Kongwang Mountain. The fare is 2 yuan.

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