Yuwan Natural Scenic Area

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It is made by superimposing waterfall, steep cliffs and exotic stones. More than two hundred years ago, Yuwan is merely an island which extends from the ranges of Yuntai Mountain to the sea. Sometimes there are fishing boats riding at anchor there. In the “Records of the Yuntai Mountain” of the Ming Dynasty, “Yuwan Dragon Pool” is the view that draws water among the thirty six sceneries of Yuntain Mountain. It is seldom explored due to steep and dangerous paths. The tour of Yuwan follows the magistral line of “three pools, one cave and three puddles”, namely, Three Dragons Pool, Two Dragons Pool, Old Dragon Pool, Hidden Dragon Pool, Green Water Puddle, Clear Water Puddle and Yellow Water Puddle. Of them, the Old Dragon Pool has the most charming appearance. The waterfall has a drop of more than 40 meters, which is at the elbow of tourists when they arrive there.

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You may take a coach at the Xinpu Coach Station to the development zone and then transfer to a taxi. Xinpu Hualian also has tourist shuffle buses going there in summer and autumn.

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