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Lianyungang Travel Guide

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Lianyungang Overview

Lianyungang was originally named Xinhailian City and later called Lianyun City and Xinhai City. It is called Lian for short and is a prefecture-level city. It has an exotic landscape of mountains and sea and cultural relics all over the city. It is very rich in resources of both products and tourism. It is one of the forty-nine key tourist cities and one of the three largest tourist areas of Jiangsu Province. It is reputed as “a large town at the estuary of the Huai River” and “a famous shire in the southeast”. It is a tourist, vacation, and summer resort.

Lianyungang City is one of the first fourteen coastal open cities at the oriental bridge town of the New Asia-European Continental Bridge and has been fixed as an emergent industrial, foreign trade, tourist and harbor city by the government. The coastline of the whole city is 170 kilometers long. It exercises jurisdiction over four counties (Ganyu, Donghai, Guanyun and Guannan) and four districts (Lianyun, Yuntai, Xinpu and Haizhou), of which Xinpu is the political, economical and cultural center. It has a total area of 7368 square kilometers and a total population of 4,400,000. Lianyungang is also one of the eight harbors of China. The sea dam has a total length of 6700 meters. It heads first in China for its length and is reputed as “the first dam in divine land of China”.