Dongchang Lake Scenic Area

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Introduction of the tourist spot

The Dongchang Lake Scenic Area is centered at the Liaocheng Old City built in the Song Dynasty. It is based on the Dongchang Lake which surrounds the old city. The lake is famous for the vast water surface and beautiful scenery, which is a concentrated reflection of Liaocheng’s characters of “Water, ancientry, and culture” and the particular scenery of “Lake is in the City and City is in the Lake. Lake and City merge into a whole”. Dongchang Lake Scenic Area is the most well-known tourist spot in Western Shandong, as well as the boundary area of Hebei, Shandong and Henan Provinces. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, which has won fame both at home and abroad, runs through the scenic area. Dongchang Lake consists of 10 lake areas and other 20 pieces of water areas. It covers an area of 5 square kilometers and the coastline of the lake is as long as 16 kilometers. The construction of the lake was started on the third year of Xining Era in the Song Dynasty (1070 AD) and it has never been dried since thousands of years. The vast water surface embraces the old city with thousands of year’s history. New city is built around the lake. Some parts of the lake stretch into the city with the help of narrow streams, looking like small bells connected by silver thread. Mists and waves stretch far into the distance. The lake and the city form a contrast and the scenery is very pleasant. It shows in different views in different seasons and different lights. It looks like a picture at any angle that you take view.


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How to Get There?
Drive travel: Beijing-Fuzhou Superhighway --- Jinan-Liaocheng Superhighway --- Get down at West Liaocheng Exit --- Drive south on Changrun Road --- Turn left at Changrun Grand Hotel --- Dongchang Road --- Kongfansen Park --- Dongchang Lake. It takes about 15 minutes to the scenic area after getting down the superhighway. Take bus No. 2, No. 3 and No. 6 get there.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 am – 10 pm

More Tips:
Tips: 1. There are more than 10 battery trucks along the Dongchang Lake, which form the Ring lake tourism belt. 2. There are many stores around Dongchang lake which sell local products. The special food here is the All Fishes Feast. The restaurant nearby include, Water Restaurant, Jiangbei Shuizhai Restaurant, Diaoyutai Hotel, Guo’ao Hotel, Dongchang Hotel and Custom Hotel. 3. Amusement facilities: aquatic amusement land, beach baths 4. There are large lantern shows in Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Flower show is held in May. In summer, there are summer holiday cultural activities. In the golden weeks, it will hold performances, such as dragon boat race, park visiting activities and other entertainment performances. 5. Accommodation facilities around: Liaocheng International Hotel, Liaocheng Changrun Grand Hotel. Dongchang Lake is suitable to travel all the year round. Spring and autumn are the peak period for travel, especially the two golden weeks in early May and October. The beach baths opens from May to October.

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