Jiangdi Amusement Park

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Introduction of the tourist spot

The principle of the establishment of Jiandi Amusement Park is that taking ecology as foundation, culture as theme, and amusement as function. It aims at creating an “earthly paradise”. When building the park, the construction takes the advantage of the surroundings and is suited to measure the local environment. The garden is mainly built by plants and the green area covers 90% of the areas in this park. It is known as a big natural oxygen bar. Mountains alternate with rivers in this park, so mists and waves stretch far into the distance. There are also immense frosts and sea of flowers, where insects cry and birds sing. The winding paths lead to secluded quiet places where you can find flowing brooks and spouting springs. There are more than 20 scenic spots here, such as the largest cherry garden in China, the only cat park in China, high-tech monsters’ house, breathtaking and exciting Quqiao Park, simple and primitive Folk Customs Amusement Park, Lotus Scent Park which has hundreds kinds of lotuses, and so on. More than 100 amusement facilities are opened to the tourists for free. These are magnificent and changeful prospects which look like beautiful pictures. If you take a boat to travel here under the blue sky and white cloud, the flowers, grasses, trees, stones, waterfalls and brooks all form fantastic natural scenic landscapes. With the moving water and boat, you can have a panoramic view of all these landscape paintings. There are more than ten kinds of amusement facilities in the folk customs amusement area, such as swing, sleeping net, plum blossom picket, seesaw, and recreation bouncer. Tourists can climb the snow mountain, play on the swing, wire walk, play on the strop, enter the monsters’ house, step on the single log, watch the waterfall, admire the spring, experience fishing, and taste fresh fruit here. It is a good place to enjoy the happiness and childlike interests as much as you can all for free, which helps to gain the satisfaction and relaxation far from the city.

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How to Get There?
Drive travel: Jianna-Liaocheng Superhighway --- Get down at Gate of Liaocheng on East Liaocheng Exit --- Drive south to Hunan Road, then drive west --- Liaocheng South Bus Station. It takes about 10 minutes to the scenic area after getting down the superhighway. Take bus No. 12 and No. 19 to the terminal to get to the park.

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Opening Hours:
7:00 am – 7:00 pm

More Tips:
Tips: 1. There are 2 restaurants and many booths for cold drinks in the scenic area. The restaurants mainly sell farmyard dishes. The price is relatively cheap, one can have dined and wined to satiety for a little more than ten yuan. 2. Accommodations: Meijing Grand Hotel 3. It takes about 2 hours to travel in the park. 4. During Spring Festival every year, the scenic area will hold lantern exhibition and large-scale local folk amusement activities. It also celebrates Peach Blossom Festival on March 26th, Cherry Blossom Festival from April 6th to 15th, Apricot and Peach Picking Day from June 25th to July 15th, Lotus Festival from July 16th to August 16th every year. During May Day on May 1st and National Day on October 1st, there are song and dance performances, animal exhibitions, and other activities. Best time to travel: four seasons all the year round.

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