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Jingyang Ridge Tourist Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/8

Introduction of the tourist spot

Li Haili, Li Kuchan, Yang Xuanting, Shu Tong had other famous people have written poems on Jingyang Ridge early or later, which have made the fame of Jingyang Ridge steadily on the increase. The Jingyang Ridge Tourist Area take Wu Song Kills a Tiger as the theme. There are rolling sand hills and overgrown weeds in the ridge. And tiger growls make it a wild and boundless landscape.

The main scenic spots in Jingyang Ridge Scenic Area include Temple of Wusong, “Don’t Climb up the Ridge before three bowls of Wine” Wine Shop, Notification for the Villagers, Gate of Hill, Tiger Growl Pavilion, “The Place where Wusong Kills the Tigar” stele building, Inscription frosts of celebrities, Temple of Mountain God, Relic of Longshan Cultural City, and so on. Tourist can stay in Village wine shops to taste the wine and food culture of Shui Hu. (All Men Are Brothers, a popular fiction by Shi Nai’an) You can also wander around Tigers’ Garden to admire the majestic appearance of the fierce tigers. You will surely be intoxicated in the calligraphy of the celebrities and marveled at the Longshan Culture with a long history.

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How to Get There?
There are tourism special lines between Liaocheng and Jingyang Ridge, as well as Yanggu to Jingyang Ridge. There is one bus each 20 minutes. Tourist can also take travel buses to the tourist area directly from local bus station or train station.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
7:00 am – 7:00 pm

More Tips:
Tips: 1. The special food here is Jinpingmei Feast in Jinggang Ridge Restaurant. 2. On May Day, National Day and Spring Festival, the scenic area will organize folk customs performances, such as tiger fighting against bull, tiger fighting against goat, tiger fighting against cock and so on. Best time to travel: four seasons all the year round.

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