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the Dongjing Mausoleum

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After having moved the capital to Liaoyang, Nuerhachi, the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, moved more than ten mausoleums of his grandfather, brothers and sons to the Yanglu Mountain which is two kilometers to the northeast of the Dongjing City form Hetuala in the 9th year of Tianming of the Posterior Jin Dynasty(1624AD). The mausoleums become the ancestor mausoleums of the Latter Jin, and are historically called the Dongjing Mausoleum. In the 11th year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1654AD), the tomb of the grandfather of Nuerhachi was again moved back to its native land, the Yong Mausoleum in Hetuala. In the Dongjing Mausoleum there now remain four cemeteries: the cemetery of Shuerhaqi, the younger brother of Nuerhachi, the cemetery of Zheying, Nuerhachi’s eldest son, the cemetery of Muerhaqi, Nuerhachi’s younger brother born from a different mother, and the cemetery of Daercha, son of Muerhaqi. The paths of the Mausoleum have been rebuilt in 1996 and 1997. In the Mausoleum there are such buildings as the Liao Wall, the Mountain Gate, the Stele Pavilion, and so on. The Stele Pavilion has been built before the tomb of Shuerhaqi and has been well kept. Inside the Pavilion are many coloured drawings and patterns. In the middle stands the Stele of the Infante Zhuangdaerhan Batulu. The Stele is made from marbles and has been inscribed with both Han and Man characters. The handwriting is clear and the engraving is delicate. The Dongjing Mausoleum has been taken as the Ancient Mausoleum for the Royal Family of Qing Dynasty during the period of the ancestors developing in Liaoshen, and thus is of great importance in the development of the regime of the Qing Dynasty.

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you can take the long-distance buses from Liaoyang to Dengta at the Passenger Transportation Station, and get off at the Dongjinglin Village.

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Recommended time for tour: three hours

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