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the Museum of the Liaoyang City

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The Museum of the Liaoyang City has been ranked as the national scenic spot at the AA level by the provincial tourist bureau in July, 2002. The Museum was open to the public in due form on October 1st, 1985, and Bo Yibo inscribed the name of the Museum. The Museum covers an area of 450 square meters, and has 31 rooms which have been arranged into 5 exhibition halls to show briefly the history of Liaoyang. More than 300 items have been chosen from the over 4,000 cultural relics kept in the Museum so as to be displayed. The best cultural relics from the New Stone Age to the Ming and Qing Dynasty are mainly the unearthed ones. There are also some cultural relics passed down from generation to generation. The most famous are the rhinoceros fossil of Mei from the Pleistocene, the bronze wares from the period of the Spring and Autumn and the period of the Warring States, the unearthed cultural relics of the villages from the Western Han Dynasty, the frescos of the ancient tombs, and so on. The Birthday Screen for Wang Erlie of the Qing Dynasty is the most valuable treasure of the Museum

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No. 2, Wensheng District, Liaoyang City

How to Get There?
you can take Bus No.23 or No.16 and get off at Erdaojie Station

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1 yuan per person

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Recommended time for tour: two hours

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