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the Natural Scenic Spot of the Hehuo Gully

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The average height above sea level of the Natural Scenic Spot of the Hehuo Gully is about 500 meters. The highest point is the West Great Mountain and its altitude is more than 870 meters. The Hehuo Gully looks like a narrow and long strip. It is about 15 kilometers long from the south to the north and about 5 kilometers wide from the east to the west.

The Hehuo Gully is located on the Qianshan Mountain of the Changbai Mountain Series. Because of the typical geological structure of the shaking system, on the many peaks and hills come into being all kinds of different natural wonders through thousands of years of erosion and washing. The most famous among the wonders are the strange stones, waterfalls, mountain springs and the ancient pines. In the Natural Scenic Spot of the Hehuo Gully there are rich resources, lush trees, beautiful flowers and green grass all over the mountain slopes. The coverage of vegetation reaches as high as 95%. Within the scenic spot there are many mouths of spring. The springs run all the year round and thus several grand waterfalls come into being.

There are many kinds of pine trees in the Hehuo Gully: Sky-Scraping pines, Welcoming pines, Sister pines, Jiusheng pines on the Shimen Mountain (the pines got their name after the Jiusheng Temple; the trees have lived for hundreds of years), and so on. There are many peaks in the Hehuo Gully such as the Stone Monkey Peak, the Dream Pen Peak, the Two Lions Peak, the Stone Human Peak, and many other strange peaks.

There are the Waterfall of the Great West Gully and the Waterfall of the Flat Peak Cliff in the Hehuo Gully. The cliffs and hills here include the Welcoming Cliff, the Flat Peak Cliff, the Eagle Beak Cliff, the Overbridge Hill, the Miniascape Hill, and so on. The caves here include the Water Cave, the Drought Cave, and the Dove Cave. The visitors can see springs everywhere in the Hehuo Gully. The Heavenly Pool, the Flat Lake, the Spring-Mouth Well are the best among all the springs. “People walk in the gully, while the springs run in the sky”. There are other sights in the Hehuo Gully like the Water Cave on the Immortal Mountain, the Flying Waterfall on the Flat Lake, the Drought Cave on the Clouds, the Rhinoceros Looking at the Moon, the Family in Heaven, exploring the Dove Cave, and exploring the Calabash Valley.

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you can take the buses going to the Scenic Spot of the Hehuo Gully at the Liaoyang Passenger Transportation Station, and get off at the last station.

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1.Local specialties in the Hehuo Gully: potherbs, duck eggs, dried fruits, dried vegetable, mushrooms, filberts, red trout and medicinal materials. 2.Recommended time for tour: one to two days

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