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the Park of the Hot and Cold Place

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The Park of the Hot and Cold Place is located in the Sister-in-Law Village of the Anping area. It stands at the foot of the Bailazi Mountain. The park is about 20 meters wide from the west to the east and about 500 meters long from the south to the north. In summer, it is extremely cold in the park, and the temperature of the surface of the earth is about 5℃ below zero. In winter, there is no accumulated snow and ice. The air is hot. In the slots of the rocks, you can even see fine green grass growing. It is measured that the temperature reaches as high as about 5℃. The wonder of the Hot and Cold Place is still an unsolved mystery in the nature.

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How to Get There?
you can take the buses going to the Shenwo Reservoir at the Liaoyang Passenger Transportation Station, and get off at the station of the Park of the Hot and Cold Place.

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Recommended time for tour: one to two days

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