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the White Tower Park

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The White Tower Park in Liaoyang was built in 1908. It covers a total area of 8 hectares. The Park stands in the north of the first section of the Zhonghua Street. In the Park there are four tourist sections: the historic sites, flowers, entertainment for children, and animals.

The White Tower was built in the Liao Dynasty, and is the highest tower in the northeast China and one of the six high towers in China. The tower has eight corners, 13 floors, and dense eaves. It has been built with bricks on an eight-square foundation which is as high as 9.4 meters. The body of the tower is supported with a two-layer up-facing lotus. At the corner there are round supporting posts made from bricks which are as high as more than 10 meters. On each side there is an archway and a Buddhist niche. On the lintel are delicate peonies, Baoxiang Flowers, and the Two Dragons Pattern which are built with bricks. In the niche sits a figure of Buddha with flame patterns on the back and basso-relievo on both sides. The length of eaves of each floor is shorter than that of the lower floor, and at the top of the tower is the eight-square Xumi foundation. On the top of the foundation is the shining tip supported by the two layers of lotus petals. In the Fragrant Flowers Garden which consists of greenhouses and gardens in the Park, there are hundreds of kinds of and thousands of pots of rare flowers and grasses such as precious Iron Trees and peonies. It is fragrant all the year round in the Garden. In the Fairyland for the Children there are such entertainment facilities as slides, rotating boards, swings, space shuttles, the shouting vehicles in the sky, bumper cars, and so on. It is really a fairyland for the children. In the section for viewing and admiring animals, there are such rare animals as the Northeast Tigers, wolves, swans, red-crowned cranes, peacocks, ostriches, and so on.

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near the train ststion, Zhonghua Street, Liaoyang City

How to Get There?
you can take Bus No.7, No. 1, or No. 4, and get off at the Guangchang Station.

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Opening Hours:

8:00 to 17:00

More Tips:
1.there are different stories about the year in which the Tower has been built. Some say it has been built in the Jin Dynasty, and others say that was in the Yuan Dynasty. The experts have carried out textual research and found that the tower is in fact the Great Dagoba of the Guangyou Temple in Dongjing in the Liao Dynasty. 2.Recommended time for tour: three hours

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