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Dragon Head Reservoir

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The Dragon Head Reservoir has a pleasant climate with magnificent outlook. The vast area of waves, lake-like beauty and picturesque scenery win it the well-known municipal scenic spot. During the period of Qing dynasty, it was “the Royal Deer Garden” that was the hunting paddock of royal families. As soon as the spring comes and flowers blossom, there come the birds-chirping and aroma of flowers with fishes jumping and neighs of deer. It is like a brilliant pearl embroidered upon the beautiful land flowing with milk and honey.

The Dragon Head Reservoir of Dongfeng county was built in 1961. It is a medium size reservoir mainly used for flood control and irrigation with the minor purposes of fish- breeding and tourism.

The reservoir has a vast area of 360 hectares with the water area of 270 hectares, woods area of 100 hectares. The local government arduously develops hydraulic economy by comprehensively making use of water and land resources. The reservoir has convenient transportation system and perfect service facilities for tourists. The special natural landscape and humanistic resort of Dragon Head Reservoir is so unique and attractive that it becomes a good choice for living, touring and recuperation.

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