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The legend said that there was a local dragon that bored out of the ground in Liaohezhang leaving a hole which was filled with clear and sweet water. The folk people called it the spit of the dragon, also called Longquan water which is the source of Dongliao River. It is detected that the water of the source well contains many kinds of minerals and it is the natural mineral water resource with superior quality.

The plan has been carried out on building 2020 hectares of ecological forests and source-reservation forests combining with the comprehensive treatment project of Liaohe source.  The process of construction will be planned according to the forest layout. It will build a forest myth which organically combines the source and the myth. Also, it will build and expand Liaohezhang subordinate well and set up gravestones. Beside the well a dragon figure will be built with the water flowing from the dragon mouth into the well.The inscription “If you drink the spring, you will become witty and have extended life-span” can be sculpted on the gravestone. At the same time, rockeries, cloisters and gardens, etc can also be built. Grasslands will be provided to newly-married couples and graduates to plant couple trees and expectation trees to commemorate. Ten hutches will be built for tourists to rest and dine. A large-size botany garden will be constructed, which will collect all northern plants. A celebrity museum will also be set up to collect the pictures and stories of famous persons of Liaoyuan area from ancient times to present. In mean time, it is planned that an aquatic paradise will be built at the foot of Longshou mountain, low reaches of Dongliao River, the middle of the river span. The planning water area is 15-20 hectares.

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