Yangmu Reservoir

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The overall reservoir has a water area of 10 square kilometers with the perimeter of 25 kilometers. It is surrounded by groups of mountains at both banks with beautiful landscape and good ecological environment. At present, three scenic areas are under construction to perfection. One is the down-dam ecological tourist sightseeing area which is composed of nine resorts, i.e. the exploitation plaza, conference reception center, ecological economic forests, cultivation plaza for economic animals, flowers appreciation area, fishing area, swimming pool, food street and office building imitating ancient style, etc. Another is water playing and sightseeing area which consists of 13 utilities ,i.e. the tower imitating ancient style, long corridor, pavilion, parking lot, flower bed, wooden house, pleasure boat and motor boat, flying umbrella, water motorcycle, archery spot, singing and dancing hall and department store, etc. Another is the upper reaches sightseeing area base of quality and efficient agriculture. It includes 8 ecological sightseeing resorts such as aquatic plants, woods and fruit tree, grain crops, vegetables and fruits, rice, oil crops, mountainous food, garden greenery, etc.

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