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Liaoyuan Travel Guide

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Liaoyuan Overview

Liaoyuan is located in the mid-south of Jilin province of China. It is a hilly region of low mountains. The city has an area of 5123 square kilometers with a total population of 13 million or so. At present, the city governs two counties of Dongfeng and Dongliao, two districts of Longshan and Xi’an.

Liaoyuan is a city with rich productions. It abundantly produces grain crops such as soybeans, rice, etc. The counties of Dongfeng and Dongliao are the National Commercial Rice bases. With patches of forests, various kinds of trees flourishing, Dongfeng and Dongliao are the advanced counties of “One Million Acres of Artificial Forests” project named by the State Council. The city overall forest coverage has reached 42% with five categories and seven kinds of rare plants. The growing of Ginseng, deer and cocoons cultivation have a long history. Dongfeng is the town of Chinese spotted deer. “Ma’s pilous antler” has enjoyed a great popularity both home and abroad. Liaoyuan is an industrial city of Jilin province with an over 60 years history of coal mining. Now it is still well-known as “the City of Coal” in and out of province with the annual production of over 5 million tons of raw coal. It is rich in mineral resources such as limestone, marble, silica, and wollastonite, etc. It also possesses considerable reserve of rare metals such as gold and manganese, etc., which are highly valuable for exploitation. The city has rich water resources for covering 2 drainage areas and 3 water systems of Songhua River and Liao River. There are 56 rivers with the length of over 10kilometes.

Although the exploitation of Liaoyuan area dated late, there are plenty of natural resorts and relics in recent times of history with rich tourist resources remaining to be exploited. Among them, there are two national and provincial key protection units of cultural relics, 20 municipal units. The natural and humanistic resorts are Dongliao Heyuantou Gravestone Pavilion, Dongfeng Royal Deer Garden, Dongfeng Turtle Island Tourist Holiday Area, etc. Longshan Park lies on its side in the center of the city. The pavilions and attics as well as painted buildings, flowing clouds are wonderful places for sightseeing and touring. The Dragon Head Reservoir Tourist areas, Yangmu Reservoir Tourist Area have picturesque and unique sceneries that win them charming scenic spots.