Lashi Lake Wetlands

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What is so special with lakes which make them worthy of a holiday adventure? When one sets eyes on the Lashi Lake Wetlands, this question would not arise. The Lashi Lake Wetlands is such a magnificent place that tourists often find themselves wanting to stay much longer because of the serenity that they feel when they are here.


The Lashi Lake Wetlands is also labeled as the National Wetland Park. It only takes about 30 minutes of driving to be able to get to this place. The elevation is up to 2,500 meters. Because of that, this gives a wonderful view of the province and the climate is also much cooler than other parts of Yunnan, even during the summer months.

Since the Lashi Lake Wetlands is frequented by a lot of tourists all year round, there are numerous activities which can be enjoyed here. Some locals offer boat rides or fishing trips. The offers come with guides. There are also several other things which can be done within the area.

Things to Do

Boat Ride and Fishing

Yes, these two are one of the most popular activities which can be done while staying in Lashi Lake Wetlands. The lake has calm and crystal-clear waters, so boat rides are relaxing. Tourists can avail the boats which are for rent. These small businesses are operated by locals too. For the first timers, asking for the assistance from local tour guides would be a brilliant idea. They know which part of the lake is most peaceful, making it perfect for those who simply want a tranquil experience. If visitors opt to go fishing, the local tour guides can also take them to the part where it is easiest to catch some fish.

The waters of the Lashi Lake Wetlands are abundant with different types of fishes. Oftentimes, even the locals are seen fishing here for food and also for their source of income.

Horse Riding

Since the vicinity around the Lashi Lake Wetlands is also used as farmland, tourists might also enjoy the horse riding adventure. The horses are for rent for a few hours and visitors can ride them as they stroll around the scenic locations. The most popular route is the Horse Tea Trail. This is the classic path which tourists could take. The surroundings are beautifully decorated with lush trees and a whole lot of greeneries. When people take this path, they would also be able to pass by lakes and waterfalls.

During the trail, there are also local merchants who sell different souvenirs and other local products. For tourists, it is best to ask a guide to come along. That way, if they would like to purchase some of the products along the way, the guide would be able to communicate with them in Chinese. They could also help out in haggling for prices.

Bird Watching

For the bird enthusiasts, spending a few days in Lashi Lake Wetlands is also a great idea, especially during the months of December to February. This is the home of more than 57 types of birds. Hence, they are seen flying around the area anytime of the year. During the migratory season, the population of the birds increases. More than 30,000 birds go to this place when the winter months hit the European and Australian continent. They stray here for a few weeks until about three months.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located about 10 kilometers away from Lijiang center.

How to Get There?

There is no public transportation from the main streets of Lijiang to the Lashi Lake Wetlands. Cabs can take tourists here and the ride takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

All day

More Tips:

The autumn months is the best time of the year to visit the Lashi Lake Wetlands.

Nearby Attractions:

Recommended Tours:

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posted by "14.204.66.*" at 2/6/2014 11:22:00 PM

Do not go to Lashi Lake! Was there 3 days ago, the worst cheating on tourist near Lijiang Area. Do not publish such information about this place, as people might coma back to you liars! The whole place is extremely dirty, there is Litter everywhere and the horse riding is a big fraud. The guides will lie in your face, and charge you extremely high prices, up to 900RMB per person, you will never see most of the places they show you on photos. Look on baidu and Lashihai Pianzi (Cheater/Fraud), you will find many Chinese tourist explain in detail how they go threatened and robbed for money. Some even were refused to be brought home by the local driver brought them there, after refuse to buy the extremely expensive tickets. All serious and honest tourist agency should not only warn their customers to go there, but refuse to offer that place to go to. This freudulent mess there needs to be cleaned up by local government of Lijiang and reopened under strict control and for fair prices. Big shame for the local people and the travel service bureaus, not for the tourists, who got tricked. SUch place will make Naxi people of Lijiang be recognised as criminals and cheaters within China and abroad. Lashi Hai, stay aways from it for your own sake!!


david replied at 2/7/2014 8:55:00 PM

Thanks for your information and sorry for what you have suffered. I suggest people to choose a reliable travel company, try not to book tours with those cheap companies.

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