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Fengqing Temple of Confucian Learning

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A general introduction

The Temple of Confucian Learning in Fengqing is in the downtown of Fengqing County. Measuring 12,000 square meters, it was built to memorize the most important Chinese ancient thinker, philosopher and educator, the founder of Confucianism – Confucius. The whole architecture is composed of the Singing Phoenix Pavilion, Congsheng Hall, Dacheng Hall, Linxin Gate and Dragon Gate etc. The superior layout and craftsmanship of the architecture boasts important historical and cultural value. The temple, a witness of the cultural development of this zone and the second largest temple of its type in Yunnan Province, is now a historical relic protection unit at the provincial level.

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Tourist can book a taxi in the hotel at the cost of 400 to 500 Yuan to get there.

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