Nangun River Nature Reserve

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A general introduction

The 13 hectares reserve, northwest of Cangyuan County, is a typical tropical rain forest garden and home for such rare animal species as Asian elephant, Bangladesh tiger, Yun leopard, Gold Coin leopard, gibbon, Huiye monkey, golden monkey, bee money, antelope, white chamois, otter, fragrant cat, python, giant lizard, green peacock, hornbill, Green Chest parrot and wild chicken etc.

The Wa Mountain of Cangyuan is also known for its gorgeous landscape. Numerous rivers flow through the pretty peaks forest which gives rise to the favorable local natural conditions: mild climate, rich rainfall and fertilized soil. A large variety of plants and wild lives live in this Shangri-La which is often quoted as the "Plants Kingdom" or "Animal Kingdom" of Yunnan.


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One can take a taxi for about 500 Yuan to cover the 110 kilometers long trip.

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