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The High Gorge 100 Miles Long Lake Scenic Zone of the Lancang River

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A general introduction

The section of the Lancang River within the boundary of Lincang City is more than 200 kilometers in distance. On this 200-kilometer river course there built three big hydropower stations at the level of mega kilowatts - Manwan, Dachaoshan, and Xiaowan (the hydropower station of highest elevation in Asia).

The three man made wonders are important components of the imposing and fantastic Lancang River One Hundred Miles High Gorge Landscape of the Chang Lake. The Chang Lake, together with numerous samll peninsulas and isles on it, is truly tranquil and pretty. Around the pearl-like lake stand a number of green peaks varied in shapes and height. And the woods among the peaks on the lake bank are habitat of many rare wild species.

Along the course of the Lancang River, many scenic spots are worth our mentioning; they are the Lancang River Big Canyon, Cloud and Sea Mountainous Villa, Manghui Neolithic relics, Zhaoshan Temple, the relics of the Dian- Burma Railway, villages of minority nationality and the imposing hydropower stations.

These tourist attractions that fall in different categories allow Lincang to be a popular tourist destination for almost all purpose – industrial tour, historical and cultural research, exploration, leisure and holiday, sightseeing, ecological tour, aquatic recreation and folk customs discovery etc.


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