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As a daily necessity carried by both Wa men and women, jianpa is also a keepsake of friendship and love. The term of jianpa is derived form Thai language which means a hanging bag. This sort of bag is popular among almost all the ethnic groups in this part of China like Thai, Yi, Hani, Jinpo, Wa and Lishu etc. If a young man receives a jianpa from a girl who make great efforts to make the hanging bag, he indeed obtains an expression of love from this girl. If he wishes to take this love, he sho

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Lincang is an internationally recognized as the hometown of the famous Dianhong tea and one of the origins of wild tea trees. The locals have a history of 500 years of growing and drinking teas. In 1938 Dianhong tea was invented in Fengqing and since then became a key Chinese export in the global market. Each year Dianhong accounts for more than 40 % in quantity and 50 % in value of the tea export for the whole province. To date Fengqing Dianhong Tea Group Co. Ltd. is the largest tea manufactu

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Puer Tea

Puer tea is an aged black tea known for its medical properties and earthly flavors. The production of the tea is a state-guarded secret in China. There are two general types of Puer, cooked and raw. The raw or shen (green) Puer is made from mao cha and steamed and pressed into cakes. Shen Puer demonstrates the miracle of Puer. It slowly changes over time through a natural fermentation process. The microbes present in the mao cha are not destroyed because of the sun drying work It is the shen Pu

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Yongde Kezi

Kezi, a local special product and famous herb for Traditional Chinese Medicine of Yunnan is broadly grown in the reaches of the Yongkang River. In this location, the yield of the 13, 000 acres top quality Kezi field accounts for about a half of the total output of the whole province. The local Kezi was sold abroad for the first time in 1953 and the largest annual output has reached over 700 metric tons. Kezi is indeed a sort of cherry-like date with hard core. The brown yellow fruit, a bit sou

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Mengyong Earth Boiler

As a local special product of Mengyong Village of Dima County, the boiler is made of the clay obtained locally. The special clay is made by hand into different shapes and size according to the traditional process, and later burned in the fire of straw. The big earth boil can be used for holding water and foodstuff, middle size boilers are used for steaming rice, boiling water and cooking tea while the small ones are used for roasting medicine. The special earth boiler has many obvious advanta

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Moya Punkah

The punkah, or palm leaf fan, is so named because it is made in the village of Moya, Mengding of Dima County. The palm leaves that come from Moya are known for their big size, lightness, strength and elasticity. The elegant palm leaf fan of superior craftsmanship can be used both as interior decoration or practical cooling purpose. Today many tourists buy the special punkah, or palm leaf fan as a souvenir for there trip to Lincang or a nice gift for friends when they return home.

Yongkang Mango

The major production zone of Yangkang mango is the Mengdi Mango Plantation whose Mango field exceeded 40,000 acres in 1991. In this big plantation nearly every species of mango in this globe can be found. Mangoes are also canned and preserved here to sell throughout the world.

Mengku Big Leaf Tea

The big leaf tea is a loose leaf tea made from leaves picked from full grown, old growth tea trees. The leaves themselves are very large with a dark chocolate aroma, and open very slowly during brewing. This tea will brew many infusions, and keeps going even if the leaves are left in the pot overnight. The flavor is consistently rich with just the right earthy qualities, making this a fine after dinner or late-night tea.


Fenqing County of Lincang, the same as the county of Yangbi, was named the Chinese hometown of walnut. Fengqing has a long tradition of growing walnuts and the local walnuts are notable for their big fruit, thin hull and good taste.

Tianlisheng Wild Ant Wine Type Ii

Brewed with modern technology and traditional expertise, the special ant wine has great healing power for many illnesses like rheumatism.

Yunzhou Rock Candy

A local special product of the Yun County, the rock candy is known for its transparency, brightness, purity and sweetness.

Yun County Yellow Fruit Soft Pie

As the name suggests, the soft pie is made of Yunzhou rock candy and a kind of yellow fruit that grows in the riverbank of the Lancang River. Not only pleasant in taste and smell, the pie can relieve a cough and reduce phlegm.


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