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Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree

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Ancient Grand Pagoda Tree, also called Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree, situates in the Grand Pagoda Tree Park, in the west of Jia village, two kilometers to the northwestern part of Hongtong county town. The place does not have magnificent buildings, however, the visitors there never seem to be in an endless, no matter it is in hot summer or in cold winter. Some visitors go there to express their thanks giving through writing poems; some visitors look at the Grand Pagoda Tree for a long time, and do not want to leave.

It is said that Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree was planted in Han dynasty. Hongtong Grand Pagoda Tree was closely connected with the immigration policy in ancient China. In Yuan dynasty, wars often occurred in Huanghuai area. So the population in Shandong province, Henan province, and Hebei province decreased rapidly. However, Hongtong in Shanxi province, a place in central China, avoided the wars. So Hongtong in Shanxi province became a place people gathered at that time. In early Ming dynasty, the Ming government decided to dispatch people lived in Hongtong to the surrounding places. The government set a bureau near Guangji Temple to help the immigrants. The immigrants picked up the leaves of the Grand Pagoda Tree for homesickness.

The Grand Pagoda Tree planted in Han dynasty was destroyed in a disaster. The present Grand Pagoda Tree grew from the root of the Han dynasty Grand Pagoda Tree. The main branch of the tree is several meters high and the branches and leaves of the Grand Pagoda Tree are luxuriant. Beside the Grand Pagoda Tree, a new pavilion was built. In the middle of the pavilion, a stele stands. On the stele five words are carved: Ancient Grand Pagoda Tree. At back of the stele, the stories of immigration in ancient China are also written.

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How to Get There?
you can take a bus from Linfen city to Hongtong County town.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 to 18:00

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The recommended length of time visiting there: three hours

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