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Small West Heaven Buddhist Temple

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Small West Heaven Buddhist Temple is famous for its painted statues. The two halls of the temple have many colorful and  lifelike painted statues. These painted statues are the representatives of painted statues in Ming dynasty. Another place this temple differs from other temples is that at the gate of the temple there are many stone steps. When you climb up to the door of the temple, you can see the magnificence of the Small West Heaven Buddhist Temple. You will feel that you are entering the legend Western Paradise.

Small West Heaven Buddhist Temple was built in the seventh year of Chongzhen period, Ming dynasty (namely 1634 A.D). The original name of the temple was Thousand Buddhas Temple. Because the geographic features of the place are special, so inside the temple the scenery of the imaginative heaven were built and in the horizontal board of the gate “ entering heaven” was inscribed. In order to be differentiate from Big West Heaven Buddhist Temple in the south of Xi county town, the temple is called Small West Heaven Buddhist Temple.  

The temple consists of two parts: the upper temple and the lower temple. And the two parts are famous for their distribution and style.

The Lower Temple: The Lower Temple is the main building of the temple. Inside Wuliang hall which faces east there are dozens of bronze Budda statues. The hall is the place where Buddhist monks chant scriptures. In the north building of The Lower Temple a Ming dynasty version of Buddhism Scripts, altogether seven thousand volumes, is kept. the book is well preserved.

The Upper Temple: The Upper Temple is the essence of the whole temple. The front is Daxiong grand hall and to the right is Wenshu hall, to the left is Puxian hall. In Daxiong grand hall, five niches are connected. In each of the niche, the statues of Buddas “Yaoshi”, “Mi’le”, “Shijia”, “Bilu”, and “Mini” stand. Their ten disciples sit in two lines. The statues looks lifelike.

In the south wall of Daxiong grand hall the Buddhist story of “the Four Great Kings” is carved. In the north wall of the grand hall, the legend of the Sakyamuni is carved. In all, the grand hall shows the life of the Western Paradise.

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How to Get There?
you can take a bus from Linfen city to Xi County town.

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Opening Hours:
from 8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:
The recommended length of time visiting there: three hours

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