The ancient city of Jin kingdom

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Five relics of Jin kingdom have been found in Houma. The relic situates in Niu village is called Niu ancient city, and the relic situates in Niuwang village is called Pingwang ancient city.

Now the relics of the ancient city are one meters below the ground. The southeastern part of the relics of Pingwang ancient city and the northwestern part of the relics of Niu ancient city are piled up together. Niu ancient city is 1340 meters from north to south and 1100 to 1400 meters from west to east. The walls of the ancient city are made of stones. Inside the south wall a road was built. Outside the city, there is a six meters long and four meters deep city moat. The relics of the palace situated in the center of the city. The base of the palace was square shape. It was 52 meters long and 0.8 meter high. The relics of the palace of Pingwang ancient city situated in the south part of the city. Some other ancient cities such as Baidian ancient city, Taisheng ancient city, and Mazai ancient city are also discovered. From the relics of the ancient cities, we can imagine the magnificence of the palace of Jin kingdom, one of the strongest kingdom in Spring and Autumn period.

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you can take a bus from Linfen city to Houma County town.

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from 8:00 to 18:00

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The recommended length of time visiting there: three hours

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