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The dwelling houses of Ding village style

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Ding village now has about forty dwelling houses of Ming and Qing dynasties. When you walk into the village, you can see simple and unsophisticated courtyards. Those old courtyards center around Guanyin hall, the center of the village, and they can be divided into four main parts: north garden, center garden, south garden and northwest garden. The four parts of the dwelling houses differ in style according to their building times. The decorations of the dwelling houses in Ming dynasty are mainly paintings. They look simple and heavy. The decorations of the dwelling houses in Qing dynasty are mainly carvings. The carvings beatiful and well made. The dwelling houses in Ding village provide a valuable material for studying the style of North China dwelling houses in Ming and Qing dynasties.  

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How to Get There?
you can take a bus from Linfen city to Xiangfen County town.

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Opening Hours:
the whole day

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The recommended length of time visiting there: two hours

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