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The Hukou waterfall

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Hukou waterfall is famous all over the world for its magnificence. The place situates between two mountains and the water of Yellow River made it a grand valley which is 30 meters wide and 50 meters deep. When the surging water of Yellow River flows here, the sounds of the water, like the roar of thousands of lions, can be heard several miles away. The scenery is so wonderful that it beyonds your imagination. The waterfall got itys name because the place looks like a huge boiling kettle (Hu in chinese means kettle). Rounds of water smoke, stir up by the waves in Yellow River, change their color when they rise. They first turn grey from yellow, then they turn blue. It's very beautiful, this is the scenery so called “smoke come from the bottom of the Yellow River”. Besides the sceneries “smoke come from the bottom of the Yellow River”, “colorful bridge reaching the heaven”, the tourist spot also has the story of “rowing the boat in the land”. The boats need to be raised by men or other instruments so they can go round Hukou waterfall (this is the so called “rowing the boat in the land”) and continue flowing. The situation does not change for thousands of years.

The scenery in Hukou waterfall changes with seasons and rainfalls there. Hukou waterfall shows its best in spring and autumn. In spring and autumn, the water vapours above Hukou waterfall often form a beatuful rainbow. This is the famous scenery “rainbow without rain”. When spring is under its way, the peach blossoms in nearby area are in full bloom. At the same time the ice in the banks of Yellow River begin to melt. The waterfall at that time looks like a flying dragon. When in autumn, there are winds in the waterfall and usually a rainbow will appear. The scenery at that time is called “Hukou antumn wind”. In winter, the waterfall ices up. People can walk in the waterfall so Hukou waterfall in winter is called icy bridge.

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How to Get There?
the southeastern part of Hukou waterfall is 173 kilometers away from Linfen city; it is 45 kilometers away from Ji County town; it is also 50 kilometers to the east of Yichuan County town, Shaanxi province. So there are three routes to get there: (1)You can get there by bus from Linfen city. There is a highway from Linfen city to Ji County. You can arrive at Linfen city by train from Beijing, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Chengdu. (2)You can get there from Ji County town. Ji County is 352 kilometers from Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi province and there is Jitai highway between the two places. There are buses from the county town to Taiyuan, Linfen, and Houma, a city at county level in Linfen every day. (3)You can get there from Yichuan county, Shaanxi province. It is 50 kilometers from Yichuan to Hukou. You can get Yichuan from Xi’an by bus, the distance is about 300 kilometers. You can also get to Yichuan from Yan’an city and it is only 164 kilometers from Yichuan to Yan’an.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:
1.Every year in October, the volume of water in Hukou waterfall reaches its highest. So people usually choose this time to visit Hukou waterfall. But at that time, the temperature in Hukou waterfall is quite low, so if you want to visit there, you’d better prepare yourself some thick clothes. 2.Board and lodging: Hukou spot has the saying like “ resting in Shanxi and watching in Shannxi”. In Ji County, Jizhou hotel can hold 200 people to live in. 3.The recommended length of time visiting there: one day

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