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Yao Temple

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Yao Temple was first built in Jin dynasty and was rebuilt and enlarged in Tang dynasty, Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty.

It is said that Linfen was the capital city in Yao period. In order to praise the achievements of Yao, people built Yao Temple there. The temple now consists of Wufeng building, Guangyun hall, Yaojing pavilion and bedrooms. Guangyun hall is the main place for respecting Yao emperor. The hall is 27 meters high and there are 42 stone pillars in the corridors of the hall. Chinese dragons were carved in the pillars and the dragons look real. Because the old Gaungyun hall was destroyed in a fire, so what we see today was built several years ago.

There are over ten stone steles in the temple and the achievements of Yao emperor was written in the stone steles.

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How to Get There?
you can take a bus from Linfen city.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
from 8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:
The recommended length of time visiting there: two hours

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