Linfen Travel Guide

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Linfen Overview

Linfen situates in the southern part of Shanxi province. To the east of Linfen are the branches of Taihang Mountain, and to the west is Lvliang Mountain. In the middle of Linfen is the extensive valley plain in which the trunk stream of Fen River runs from north to south. The soil in both banks of Fen River is fertile. Linfen has an area of 1304 square kilometers.

Linfen is a cultural city which has a long history. Now it is the place in which the government of Linfen Area lies, and it is also the political, economic, and cultural center in Linfen Area. In the past few years, the city has developed rapidly. The streets are clean, the trees can be seen anywhere, and the flavor of flowers and fruits can be smelled anywhere during the summer. So it is also called the city of flowers and fruits.

Linfen is the capital city of Yao, the first emperor in Chinese history according to the written records. So we can infer that long long ago the city of Linfen is a place where human beings live.

The tourist spots in Linfen radiate from the downtown of Linfen. Feihong Tower, the highest Porcelain Tower in China, situates in Guangsheng Temple of Huo Mountain in Hongtong County. The ancient Grand Pagoda Tree is the place where people in Shanxi province of Ming dynasty gathered together and moved to Central Plains. The Ming dynasty prison (also called Susan prison) is the best preserved prison at county level in China. The Ding village culture relics in Fengyan are famous for the fossils of Paleolithic Age human beings in the world. Ding village customs museum, originally the typical dwelling houses in Ming and Qing dynasties, now is the place to show the customs of Southern Shanxi province. The relic of Jin kingdom in Houma is the capital city Xincheng of Jin kingdom in Spring and Autumn period. The existence of Yao temple and Yao tomb can prove that Linfen (was called Pingyang in ancient time) was the capital city of Yao period.

Tele code: 0357

Post code: 041000

Nationalities: Han, Hui, Manchu, Zhuang, Miao, Mongol etc. 16 ethnic groups

Administrative divisions: Linfen city administers three cities at county level and fourteen counties, namely, Linfen city, Houma city, Huozhou city, Quwo County, Yicheng County, Fenyang County, Hongtong County, Gu County, Anze County, Fushan County, Ji County, Xiangning County, Pu County, Daning County, Yonghe County, Xi County, and Fenxi County.